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Believe deeply. Act boldly.

Build it better, together.

Big ideasplus superb execution.


Honestly’s approach is quick efficient, precise and versatile. We use a product development approach, rather than a project approach. We plan and execute using lean creative and production processes, enabling our team (and yours) to respond to customer feedback rapidly, so you see value faster. Most companies hire us to:

  • Solve painful problems that put them at risk to lose market share
  • Come up with and try something exceptional and inventive
  • Bring a big vision to life

Here are a few ways we can engage:

Honestly team members at a desk collaborating on a project with paper and pens


Singles are perfect when you need to: run a design sprint to validate an idea, map customer journeys for better interactions, create personas for targeted marketing, rework existing interfaces or content for higher conversions, or improve collaboration and business processes through a workshop. Examples of Singles include:

Timeline: 3 days
Jobs Done: Word of Mouth, Digital Marketing and Design Concepts

Smirnoff was on a mission to bring to market two new flavors of party spirits. One component of a winning national product launch is great advertising. But to keep people talking and connected across multiple channels, we worked with V&S to concept social media, content and experiential marketing campaigns to support the ads. In three days we created over 20 original fully-baked ideas ready to implement.


Providence Restaurant
Timeline: 1 week
Job Done: Content Guide & Marketing Playbook

Providence Restaurant was growing, and thanks to their agency, Fifth Letter, now had tons of great marketing creative to fuel that growth. Still, one challenge remained, no one internally knew how to maximize the ROI of all the assets. We worked with Fifth Letter to create an in-house content style guide and marketing playbook for easy reference and to unify brand external communications with Providence’s voice and tone.


American Structural Concrete
Timeline: 2 weeks
Job Done: Marketing Workshop & Marketing Strategy

What do you do when you’re a successful company that wants to triple revenue and reinvent itself? First, you need to take stock of where you are and get unified on where you’re going. Over the course of two weeks, we met stakeholders, talked with customers and put together a specific, no BS, marketing strategy ready to implement.


A female Honestly team member at a desk collaborating on a project with her laptop and coffee

Sometimes you need extra resources to get to market faster or a specialized team to help you get across the finish line. Amplify projects are great for companies who want to augment an existing team or need a trusted advisor to ideate, problem-solve or lead a transformation. Examples of Amplify projects include:

Timeline: 4 months
Jobs Done: Product Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, User Experience

SkyGolf, makers of SkyCaddie, asked us to help them launch the SkyPro swing analyzer device and mobile app at the PGA Show in 2013. They were launching seven other products that quarter and needed a trusted partner who could take at least one them off their plate. We took the baton and led SkyPro to receive an editor’s pick by Golf Digest and over 1 million swings recorded in its first nine months.


Wake Forest University
Timeline: Ongoing
Job Done: User Research, Technical Architecture, Visual Design, User Experience, Mobile App Development, Project Management

Wake Forest University is full of talented people. However, they were spread thinly across multiple projects and still needed to get a mobile app designed and released to coordinate with a larger marketing campaign. We assembled a product team with our friends at Brightly and Augusto, and worked with WFU to launch the app successfully, on time and under budget.


Superman Hall of Heroes
Timeline: 6 weeks
Jobs Done: Creative Direction, Content Strategy, Visual Design, User Experience, Copywriting

We were hired by an agency working with DC Comics to provide concepts and prototypes for an e-commerce site promoting the release of Man of Steel to DVD. It’s hard to appeal to casual fans and “die-hard” followers, but we were excited about the challenge. After several iterations, we landed on a few concepts that excited not only the target audiences but also the artists at DC Comics and the marketing folks at Warner Bros. 


Honestly team members collaborating on a design project with laptops open

These collaborations are ongoing relationships where we become your product development team or creative agency. We partner with companies and entrepreneurs to turn ideas into reality, enter untapped markets, create new platforms and launch game-changing products. Examples of Commission engagements include:

Thompson Traders
Timeline: Ongoing
Jobs Done: Marketing Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Web Design, Web Development, Visual Design, User Experience (online and offline), Copywriting

Thompson Traders is the largest importer of decorative metal sinks in the U.S. They engaged us to level up their creative and marketing execution for the trade business. After bringing in our go-to design team, Fifth Letter, we started with launching a new category of sinks, resulting in a 17% growth over the last year. And we’re just getting started.


The Club at Stoney Creek
Timeline: 18 months
Jobs Done: Marketing Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Web Design, Web Development, Visual Design, User Experience (online and offline), Copywriting

Weaver Investment Company hired us to lead a repositioning effort for The Club at Stoney Creek and fill a gap in the Triad, North Carolina golf market. We led marketing, advertising and digital efforts with a multi-disciplined project team, including Fifth Letter, Magnetic Ideas, Mark Tosczak and David Morton. Our jobs were elevating the brand’s image, improving member retention and driving new leads.


“We’ve loved working with Honestly. They’ve helped us elevate our brand with new ideas and remarkable creative. Their marketing is focused on creating lasting value and ROI.”
– Clifford Thompson, President at Thompson Traders