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Extraordinary ideas for an extraordinary world.

Failing forward isn't failure.


Honestly was founded on the belief that great ideas should be given to the world. Our studio’s mission is to create, find and produce those ideas. Sometimes this means helping someone who needs resources and talent to make their dreams come true. Sometimes this means scratching our own itch.


We’ve collaborated with Augusto Investments and Blaze Studios to launch (July 2018) an app that makes paying your 1099 contractors easy and hassle-free. Learn more at

NC Seafood Availability poster with silver and blue lettering

What’s in Season

We collaborated with Buttermilk Creative to create beautiful and useful charts and graphics showing food seasonality. Our first product, NC Seafood Availability, was a finalist in Our State Magazine’s Made in NC awards.

LIfeBinder logo with a "B" mark


LifeBinder’s founders, Judy and Laura, are passionate about helping people gain peace of mind when it comes to legal and financial matters. We live in a time where family information is everywhere. LifeBinder organizes and stores that information into an easy-to-use app for people in every stage of life. Check out LifeBinder.

Illustration of people and interfaces

Mastering Discovery for Website Project Success

Most website projects fail because they don’t get started right. We developed a comprehensive discovery guide to ensure your website redesign and build goes well. Learn more about it here.


Failure only occurs when we don’t learn from our efforts. These projects taught us much, but for various reasons passed on.

Ketch Statistics

Ketch Stats rescued websites from bad data and made Google Analytics easier and more effective to use. We built and launched an MVP in 20 days with paying customers before losing all momentum. It’s currently in a cryogenic deep freeze awaiting a great thaw.


FanPack was a subscription site where customers received unique gifts from their favorite athletes, artists and entertainers while supporting charitable causes. We also developed a white-labeled SaaS spinoff that other organizations could use for their own subscription box. After 100+ customers, we realized we needed higher margins to scale and didn’t want to be in the fulfillment business. The software still works and we have some extra boxes left in storage. Just sayin!

Golf Monocle

Our passion for golf led Marty Balkema and me to start a marketing automation platform and golf community for golfers, golf courses, tournament admins and PGA professionals. The two-sided model proved to be more than we had time for as a side project. Maybe one day we’ll tee it up for a mulligan.


In 2014, we thought running flash auctions on Instagram to sell cool kicks to sneakerheads might take flight like a pair of Air Jordan 3’s. Instead, our project went pro a little early and was one year too early to capture Instagram’s commerce model.