We’re putting our breads together to make the perfect agency combo.

After years of collaborative partnership, Fifth Letter is officially integrating with Honestly. What does that mean for you? 

Think of it like a BLT.

A classic combination of flavors that transforms each ingredient. We hope you find this metaphor both familiar and thoroughly snackable.

When Elliot and David began the partnership between Fifth Letter and Honestly years ago, it was clear that our shared vision, values, and standards would serve our work and our clients well. Now we’re making the BLTs we serve up an official part of the Honestly menu. 

If you’re wondering what’s changing, what’s not, and why it’s good for you, the client, we’re here to provide the breakdown of every ingredient.

A match made in agency delicatessen heaven

Like all great tomatoes, Fifth Letter will become part of the Honestly heirloom, digitally and on paper. That means new email addresses for the Fifth Letter team and the Honestly name on all official paperwork (proposals, agreements, invoices, client love notes) from here on out. 

When these tangible changes hit your tastebuds, you can also expect: 

  • Access to a new layer of strategic thought and creative leadership. 
  • More resources; a fortified team that’s ready to help you in 2020 and beyond.

What is changing

What isn’t changing

Lettuce provides nutritional fiber. It stands for the essential fabric of who we are as an integrated agency. At the heart of that is our shared commitment for high standards.

Here’s what won’t change: 

  • The minds, vision and thinking behind the work in our relationship
  • The partnership we’ve built with you to deliver results
  • Our high standard for creative, communication, and delivery
  • Our unique model of finding the right resources and collaborators   to fit any project or challenge you have - sometimes we’ll add an egg or avocado, sometimes we’ll make this a club sandwich
  • Our (now double-stacked) leadership strategy and execution on all  things marketing, advertising, and design

Why it’s a win-win for you

Ever watch a child’s face the first time they try bacon? That’s the joy we intend to produce for clients with this integration. 

Because everything’s better with:

  • Improved collaboration
  • A higher level of strategy and leadership on every client and project
  • More resources to devote to your projects when needed (strategic, creative and project management)
  • Faster delivery and execution so you can see results sooner 

How and when 

the sandwich is made

Here’s a quick overview of when everything will happen:

  • Week of 2/17 - Updated agreements and paperwork delivered
  • Week of 3/2 - First Honestly invoicing & status period closes
  • 3/9 - First Honestly invoice

The Honestly Leadership Team

Allison Amos
Managing Director

Marty Balkema

David Horne

Frequently Asked Questions

How will invoicing and payments work differently? 
Honestly invoices on a bi-weekly cycle and offers the same payment options as Fifth Letter - check, ACH or credit card. All that will change is where you send those payments - all of that information will be outlined on your first Honestly invoice. 

Will this change my costs? 
It will not change your cost for any current engagements. As always, any future engagements will be estimated based on need, deliverables and timing. 

How will this affect my current projects? 
Overall, it will not affect your current projects. If you’re actively using Basecamp with Fifth Letter currently, you may see that project transition to Honestly’s Basecamp. 

Will my contacts change? 
Your contacts will not change but the team you have access to will be growing. You will be introduced to anyone working on your business. 

Are there any staffing changes coming?
Yes, you’ll see our team expanding in the coming weeks and months. 

Who do I go to with questions about this integration? 
Your current Fifth Letter or Honestly team lead will be happy to answer any questions. You're also welcome to get in touch with Honestly’s Managing Director, Allison Amos:  allison@honestly.co or 

Believe Deeply. Act Boldly.

© 2020 Honestly

Elliot Strunk
Creative Director

Smoky. Salty. A double threat and then some. A creative and strategic play. This integration? Nothing without the bacon. 

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Fruit? Vegetable? How to pronounce? Flexible enough to change, yet never straying from delicious - that’s the tomato in this merger metaphor.

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Every sandwich has it and has to have it - that refreshing crunch. It’s what you’ve come to expect from us and it’s not going anywhere.

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