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These are some of our favorite books, movies, music, articles and audios. You’re likely to hear them referenced in conversations around the office, on slack or at lunch. Want to discuss any of these below, drop us a line.





  • Across the Pond by The Allusionist
    The two languages of English. Listen
  • Andrea Mallard by High Resolution
    Andrea Mallard, CMO of Omada Health, discusses the role of design as connective tissue in the organization. Listen
  • Episode 70: Weezer by Song Exploder
    Rivers Cuomo breaks down the meticulous process of making the song “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori”. Listen
  • On Writing Well by Dorm Room Tycoon
    In this interview, Malcolm Gladwell explains his writing process and where good ideas come from. Listen
  • Opt In Profit by Vanessa Ryan
    The Opt In Profit Podcast is where female entrepreneurs will find actionable, simple tips to turn strangers into fast friends, future clients and customers using an opt in. Listen
  • Raw Milk by Beth Kirby
    Raw Milk is Beth Kirby's Instagram filter-free podcast for creative entrepreneurs where she gets raw, real, and sometimes ridiculous about what it really takes to build a life and business you love, live slow, travel more, make an impact, and make money while you do it. Listen
  • The 10 Commandments of Startup Success by Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
    Actionable lessons from every episode of Masters of Scale Season One Listen
  • The Pool and the Stream by 99% Invisible
    The origin story for one Skateboarding's greatest rides Listen
  • The Standard Case by Revisionist History
    A deep dive into a 500-year-old problem-solving approach. Listen
  • The Story of a Brand by Ramon Vela
    The Story of a Brand Podcast is a show focused on e-commerce brands and the entrepreneurs, products, and customers that make up the brand. ... Whether it's how the brand obsesses over the customer experience or how they design or manufacturer their product or their stance on social issues. Listen
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  • 100 Questions Designers Always Ask by Jon Moore
    Design smarter by asking the right questions. Learn More
  • 3 Blogging Trends to Get a Jump on Before 2018 by Neil Patel
    Blogging is crucial for bringing in cheaper inbound leads at a higher rate. Here are three blogging trends to get a jump on before 2018. Learn More
  • 3 Ways to Improve Collaboration Between Designers and Developers by Megan Kluttz
    The importance of design in the tech industry has grown tremendously—with a greater appreciation for designers who know how to work within development constraints. Learn More
  • 50+ Places To Repurpose Your Content: The Ultimate Guide by Garrett Moon
    By repurposing our content for a new site or medium, we give it new life and expose it to more new readers. Learn More
  • A Minimum Viable Product Is Not a Product, It’s a Process by Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman
    It’s the same story again and again. First, a team comes up with an idea. Learn More
  • A New Way to Read, Not See, Maps by Mark Tosczak
    The map-navigation software, dubbed Blind Audio Tactile Mapping System (BATS), takes digital map information and provides nonvisual feedback as a user moves a cursor across the map. Learn More
  • Behance Cofounder’s Design Secret: Ignore the Internet by Belinda Lanks
    Adobe acquisition, the beauty of analog inspiration, and why designers need to stop scrolling. Learn More
  • Best Practices: Key Content Tips for Creating Email Content by Kevin Gao
    Here are some key content tips for creating your emails. Learn More
  • Can You Define that for Me? by David Horne
    Communication is vital for successful relationships and business. Aligning definitions is one the best activities your teams can do. Learn More
  • Collaborative Bake Off by David Horne
    A simple process to develop winning creative concepts. Learn More
  • Content Mapping for the Sales Cycle by Nicole Letendre
    Content has to serve a purpose for the business, the audience, or both. Learn More
  • Crash Course: UI Design by Jeff Wang
    UX design is what makes an interface useful, and UI design is what makes an interface beautiful. Learn More
  • Creating Personas by Ben Ralph
    User research should inform the layout — don’t let the layout constrain the research. Learn More
  • Customer Service + Marketing = Improved Customer Experience by Josh Brown
    A look into three steps that will help to improve customer service via your marketing initiatives. Learn More
  • Design the Beginning: Introduction by Julie Zhuo
    The “beginning” is how you introduce something new to a person, and how you will get them to understand its value such that they incorporate it into their lives Learn More
  • Design Thinking: Empathy Maps by Matthew Weprin
    Empathy Maps help to rapidly put your team in the user’s shoes and align on pains and gains — whether at the beginning of a project or mid-stream when you need to re-focus on your user. Learn More
  • Designing for Edge Cases by Jon Moore
    Ever wonder how long you can make a photo caption on Medium? Learn More
  • Email Etiquette: How to Ask for Things and Get a Response by Jocelyn Glei
    When composing an email, this means being clear, concise, and actionable. Learn how you can achieve this with a few simple strategies. Learn More
  • Essential Project Management Skills by Daniel Pasco
    Most people these days wouldn’t fly without an altimeter, speedometer, radar, or aircraft controllers. Working on a project without a competent project manager falls into the same vein. Learn More
  • Give it five minutes by Jason Fried
    Learning to think first rather than react quick is a lifelong pursuit. Learn More
  • Great PMs don’t spend their time on solutions by Paul Adams
    Dive into your Project Management skills and learn how to prioritize problems at work. Learn More
  • Habit vs. Goals by Farnam Street
    Habits are algorithms operating in the background that power our lives. Good habits help us reach our goals more effectively and efficiently. Learn More
  • How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine by Toby Murdock
    This post will provide a guide on how to build and operate a Content Marketing Machine. Learn More
  • How To Identify Problems In Your Workflow? by Jenna Puckett
    Nearly half of all businesses experience a project failure each year. The story is familiar: over budget, missed deadlines, out of scope. It’s never a good feeling. Learn More
  • How to Reach Generation Z With These 5 Marketing Strategies by Justin Dunwiddie
    We know how much you’ve loved marketing to Millennials, but now it’s time to start marketing to the next generation: Generation Z. You may be asking: who is Generation Z and what makes them so different from Millennials? Learn More
  • How to Repurpose Your Content Again and Again by Michael Peggs
    Fortunately for you, the process of repurposing can make those older blog posts relevant, valuable, and (with a little luck) profitable. Learn More
  • In Defense of Design Thinking, Which Is Terrible by Khoi Vinh
    Spot on assessment of the state of design and an idea for where it could go. Learn More
  • Information Architecture: The Scaffold of Good UX by Linn Vizard
    Information architecture is fundamentally about organizing information and providing structure in a way that makes sense. Learn More
  • Most Common UX Design Methods and Techniques by Nick Babich
    The list below contains the most common methods and techniques used by UX Designers as they create great experiences for users. Learn More
  • Outcomes Over Deliverables by David Horne
    A recurring theme this year is helping our collaborators and clients think less about deliverables and more about outcomes. Learn More
  • Personas: The Foundation of a Great User Experience by Kevin O’Connor
    A primer on personas and how businesses can get the most from them. Learn More
  • Product People, Mind the Gap! by Samuel Hulick
    Ask yourself a simple question and create a product that people love. Learn More
  • Questions To Ask Developers Before You Start Designing by Kevin Tomasso
    In this post, we’ll go over 4 specific questions you can ask your development team before you fire up your layout software to ensure you’re all on the same page. Learn More
  • Remove the stress, pick a deadline by DHH
    The purpose of a self-imposed deadline is to sharpen the edge of your prioritization sword and stake a flag of coordination for the team. Learn More
  • Shipping vs. Learning by Mike Davidson
    What if launching things became the byproduct of learning? Learn More
  • Status meetings are the scourge by Jason Fried
    Status meetings are the worst kinds of meetings. Eliminate them and you’ll actually know more, save a pile of money, and regain dozens of hours a month. Learn More
  • Structuring Design Teams to Maximize Cross-Team Collaboration by Nick Schaden
    This week’s design leadership prompt asked, “How do you structure your design team?” Learn More
  • Team Collaboration And Closing Efficiency Gaps In Responsive Design by Brian Krall
    Responsive design ushers in complexities that require a more involved design and implementation process. Learn More
  • The 19 Channels You Can Use to Get Traction by Gabriel Weinberg
    Here we have enumerated all 19 traction channels and some of the people we interviewed for each, so that you can have an easy traction channel list to use when brainstorming marketing test ideas. Learn More
  • The 2 Hour Rule by Zat Rana on iamwire
    The power of reflective thinking used by some of histories brightest minds. Learn More
  • The Anatomy of a Decision: An Introduction to Decision Making by Farnam Street
    A good decision-making process can literally change the world. Learn More
  • The Art of Repositioning by David Horne
    A look at what repositioning is, why it's hard and how to do it (if you dare). Learn More
  • The Complete Guide to Effective Reading by Maarten van Doorn
    This article breaks down how to win with effective communication. It teaches how to avoid basic communication traps and organize your learning habits for a maximal Return On Investment (ROI) on reading hours. To ‘learn’, we need to do more than merely feeding ourselves new information. Expanding our intelligence requires connecting new materials to what we already know. Learn More
  • The Other Side of Inertia by David Horne
    Momentum is the only thing that matters when deadlines are tight and expectations are high. Learn More
  • The Power Of Two Way Doors by David Horne
    Never use a one-size-fits-all decision-making process. Many decisions are reversible, two-way doors. Those decisions can use a light-weight process. Learn More
  • The Role of Project Manager by ProofHub
    For those aspiring project managers, this post brings an insight to the roles and responsibilities that a manager needs to perform. Learn More
  • The Three Styles of a Creative Partnership by Elliot Strunk
    Understanding how and why we work together will help with some of the quick math. Learn More
  • The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Writing Forever by Josh Spector
    Following are the simplest tips I can give you to easily — and forever — improve the quality of your writing. Learn More
  • There’s Too Much Damn Content and Slick UX Design is Making it Worse by Chappell Ellison
    Over the past decade, everyone—and I mean everyone—with an online presence felt the pressure to become a content publisher. Learn More
  • Things I Wish I Knew About Project Management A Couple Of Years Ago by Vartika
    Take a look at the stuff I wish I knew when I first started out in project management. Learn More
  • User Research —  What’s Tomato Ketchup Got to Do With It? by Lisa Jewell
    Learn More
  • UX Design Methods & Deliverables by UX Collective
    In this article, UX Collective covers everything you need to know about UX Design. Learn More
  • Want Proof That Patience Pays Off? by Maria Aspan
    Ben Chestnut and his team at MailChimp built an amazing business and became Inc.'s Company of the Year. It only took them 17 years. Learn More
  • What’s Your Story? by Valecia Hopper
    A good story is priceless. Think about this as you craft yours and make it a great one. Learn More
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