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Good people building great businesses.

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We’re a team that enjoys working together, is happiest when we’re moving the needle and is motivated by meaningful work. Joining us means a commitment to better work, better client relationships and a more successful way of working. Let’s see if there’s a fit.

Working at Honestly

Collaboration and commitment are not words we throw around lightly. We’ve set out to change the way clients view working with their marketing partner. Relationships are at the foundation of what we do and they’re key to our success – both internally and with clients. Honestly encourages client collaboration, strives for transparency and treat our clients’ businesses like they’re our own.

Allison Amos, Chief Executive Officer

Elliot Strunk, Chief Creative Officer

Our belief is that clients need more experts and leaders they can trust. They’re turning to us for our expertise. We have opinions and perspectives that we’re confident in but are never too stubborn to consider other ideas.

Our team is fully remote but we’re still a team. We get together regularly, collaborate whenever possible and work together. We’re not perfect but our team coalesces around the following principles:


We are honest and we do the right thing, always.


We never mail it in. Everything we do, we do first-class and to the best of our abilities.


All of us are stronger than any one of us. We work together from concept to delivery with mutual ownership of the work and shared responsibility.


We are dedicated to each other and our clients. They can count on us and we can count on each other.


We are inquisitive and ask questions.
We never stop learning and exploring.


A lot of teams work hard. We also work smart, with intention and thoroughness.

Diversity of Thought

We respect that “good ideas” can come from anywhere. Sometimes being an outsider is a benefit.


We structure our teams and projects to allow you to “be home for dinner” and have time for yourself.


The best work shouldn’t feel like work, especially when you’re doing it with people you like!

Honestly is a remote-first marketing agency with a core team of expert leadership backed by highly-skilled creative specialists. Our lightweight, nimble teams tackle marketing, advertising and design challenges for smart, motivated clients with big goals for their businesses.

People who are successful at Honestly have a few things in common:

Confident and humble

You believe in your abilities and are always trying to improve.

Self-starting and team-oriented

You don’t wait around to be told what to do but you appreciate a team effort.

Encouraging and truthful

You have a positive outlook but don’t oversimplify or sugar-coat.

Overly prepared and flexible

You do your homework so you’re comfortable thinking on your feet.

Focused and approachable

You have your head in the game and can still enjoy relationships with your team.

Current Openings

Position Title

This is a one sentence description about the position. Sample copy only.

Position Title

This is a one sentence description about the position. Sample copy only.

Position Title

This is a one sentence description about the position. Sample copy only.